Chicago Trip

By Daniela Villegas


Our trip to Chicago with the CCP+ group shall never be forgotten. During our stay we accomplished various activities from going to two great universities, DePaul and Northwestern, to ice skating in the Lincoln Park Zoo. The tours that were offered by the schools were pure excellence: it gave us the chance to experience college through another perspective and it introduced us to the reality of being a student in a university. However, this trip did not only provide academical benefit but we had pleasant excursions in between. These activities included ice skating, going to the John Hancock building, going to the massive Chicago Public Library and staying at the Turkish Cultural Center. This center did not only provide a place to stay but it also educated us on Turkish Culture in general. This trip couldn't have been possible without the help of our coaches. This whole event was highly pleasing and I feel blessed and entirely grateful for the opportunity I experienced.


Northwestern University Review

By Allyson Ortiz


Northwestern University is a private university located in Evanston, Illinois. When I got to the university, I was amazed by how beautiful the campus was. There were 231 acres of fascinating buildings that had very unique architecture. We took many pictures by Lake Michigan. Close to that was Ryan Center for the Musical Arts that was recently established and has been very successful. Our group went in there and learned about what takes place in that building. We also took pictures of course!


Our tour guide, Taner, gave our CCP group a general tour of the university and gave us a load of helpful advice. He also told us about his personal experiences at Northwestern University and how he benefited from his time studying there. Taner took us to a library there that has been there since 1894. Students are able to read the books in the library only because the school really wants to preserve the history of the school. If they would like, they could go to other libraries to rent books.


We were able to see how the students at the university live and what they do throughout the year. The university provides a very relaxing environment for the students to study. All of the classrooms are pretty small and there are many professors that are there to help you when needed. This helps the students understand the topics better.  They are also provided with lots of options like a range of over 500 clubs, many engaging classes to choose from, more than enough space, and most importantly a variety of people who are there to learn and grow educationally with you.


Northwestern had a unique vibe to it and is not like other colleges. From the history of the school, to the people, and the motivation, Northwestern University is most definitely a “Home Away From Home.”

DePaul University

By Alondra Quezada


Our first stop was a college university called DePaul. They are really focused on giving back to the community.  There are over 350 clubs and student led organizations . The staff is always available for your needs as a student. There are also many  opportunities to study abroad and earn your credits as a college student . There are travel abroad opportunities are all around the world where you can earn your credits . Plus finances aren't’ much of a problem. Staff are there to help you with paying for the school: assisting you in finding the financial aid you need.



by Amy Sierra


When we went to Chicago, we got to do many activities, including ice-skating. When we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, there was an ice-skating rink where you could rent skates. The ice-skating was a fun experience we enjoyed. Some of us learned how to ice-skate really well.. While others couldn't really get the hang of it and kept falling. Overall, ice-skating was one of my favorite parts of the trip and an experience I'll never forget. The ice-skating taught us that even if you fall you can still get up and keep trying to succeed until you finally do and no one can stop you from doing that.


Lincoln Park Zoo

Gabriella Serrano


At the Lincoln Park Zoo, there are many sites to see. We explored the zoo in Chicago and we had a lot of fun. But, that was not all. We were educated with many facts from the exhibits we saw. Based upon what we saw and learned, it was an amazing experience. The purpose of this trip and what we did on this trip was to open up and have more opportunities given to us. If we work hard enough, we can do more of this. When we get older we have to be open-minded when opportunities come up. Since we, the CCP group went on this trip, we lived differently.


Turkish Cultural Center

by Melanie Perez


During our trip to Chicago, we stayed at the Turkish Cultural Center. On our first night, Mr. Mustafa, our host and the director, generously gave us a tour of the center. During the tour, we learned and saw items of each Turkic country. Mr. Mustafa also gave us a lesson on the history of Turkey. Then he showed us the cultural center's model replica of the traditional houses from the 18th century. The outside of the building and each room in the cultural center had decor and architecture incorporated, giving us a good view of the culture. Overall, our stay at the Turkish cultural center was very welcoming and educationally beneficial.

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